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ahhhhhh...... olde tymes...........

So I started this community, olde_tymes, because well, I love eating at Olde Tymes, and somehow, I always have a story to tell about when I ate there one time. For my first post I wrote a history about my obsession with Olde Tymes.

BTW: It's like a page and a half long, if not more. day back in january, after an audition that my friend gidgethnsheather and I went to. After she auditioned and was like "I did so bad!" I was like, "lets go eat breakfast!" and she was like "oh that sounds so good right now" so instead of driving to a place called The Whistle Stop two towns over, I made her drive 40 minutes to Olde Tymes from where we were, and she exclaimed, "This is the best breakfast I've ever had!" I was there about 5 times that next week. One day I was dodging creamers that my friend lydia was throwing at me, which wasn't cool but it was ok, even tho it was in the main dining room in front of like 10 other people.

Another time, we had the perkiest waitress in the world. she brought a whole new meaning to "Service with a smile." She came over to us and was like, "I know you two don't want any coffee, but do you want juice or milk or something?" But unfortunatly she didn't make me get the french toast, so I was bummed after I had the three egg basic.

And then there was the time that glitterangel384Stacy and I were there and we had Bob, yes he was really named Bob, as our waiter and he was great, very enthusiastic and customer oriented. He worked it out so that I could get an english muffin to go with my french toast just from stacy ordering the combo instead of whatever it was she ordered. After he left I turned and was like, "Can I get the cute waitress instead?" and Stacy was like, "yah does she come with a side of fries?" And needless to say whenever we saw her Stacy would come up with something new to say like, "Does she come with a side of jelly?" or, "Can I get the cute waitress with some whipped cream?" It was a good time.

And then there was the time that I had just gotten my palm pilot and cutthefooljessi and I went together, and there were many the cute waitresses and hostesses (or should it be waitressi and hostessi?) and i felt compelled to post in my livejournal about how there were five of them.

But at one point, I feel that God, or some almighty power, didn't want me to go to Olde Tymes, as I was driving home from work one night, I got a flat tire in my spare car at 3AM and my spare tire was flat, and other such things, so I walked home and then came back in the morning and realised that there was nothing that I could do to drive myself to breakfast because my car was being fixed in norwich, but with the help of Heather, I overcame that, just like the other 5 times my tire was flat a morning I wanted to go to breakfast, and needless to say, that's so far the last time I've ever been thwarted.

And then there was the time that ripewithdecayrandy and I went there, and the cute hostess girl told me to "have a great day." (for those of you who haven't realized it, most of my olde tymes expiriences at some point end up revolving around the cute waitstaff, whether it be me talking about them, or the people i go with.) but the bastard took my seat and that was no good.

Then there was another time that stacy and I went and we had this waitress, who was cute (notice a trend?) and stacy's lunch came with a breadbasket and we didn't know that, so we were both looking at it going, "that's not mine, is it yours? no? are you sure?" and then finaly we were like "lets tell the waitress it's not ours" and when I saw the waitress I was like, "I don't think these are ours." and her eyes got HUGE and she was like "Why?" and I felt bad and was responded, "Because we didn't order muffins." and she was like "Oh! It comes with her meal." And we were like, "okay!" And off she went on her way and Stacy looked in the basket and was like "Oh, there are my biscuits." So throughout the rest of the meal, we kept joking about how things weren't ours. One time when the waitress walked by I was about to tell her that "this straw isn't mine," but i stopped myself right as she turned to look at the tables behind hers and I started laughing a lot, and she came over and was like "What'd you do to me?" and I said "nothing" and kept laughing and she looked at Stacy and asked her if I did anything to her and Stacy replied "I don't know!" and started laughing, Needless to say I told her I had a random thought " and she was like, "Are you sure?" and I stopped laughing and was like "yah, it's not you" and when she had gone far enough away, i started lauging again and stacy was like "um.... ok....." When we left to pay the bill, I tipped the waitress like 40% and the cute hostess was like "wow! someone who knows how to tip!" and I was like, "damn straight.......... i love this place........... i hope you have a good day!" and walked off. as we were leaving she yelled to me "have a really good day!" which was cool, i don't know. maybe you just had to be there.

Then the very next day, Randy and I went (and he sat in his seat like a good little monkey) and we ended up with the same waitress that I had the day before and as soon as I saw her I started laughing, and was just like "oh no, what is it this time?" And I was like "It's nothing, really." And when she handed us menu's I had to go and be an ass and say "This isn't my menu." It was pretty amusing again, and of course, I tipped exceptionaly well.

Then the other day Randy and I went, and they put us upstairs! UPSTAIRS! The upstairs has to be the worse place you can put two people in that restaraunt. Now I can see all of you going, "What's so wrong with the upstairs?" And I'll tell you, IT'S BORING! There's nothing going on up there, no windows to look at, no people walking by all the time, there's nothing. Especialy when they put you in the back corner of the dining area up there. Luckily I was able to stare downstairs at through the plexiglass and lattace work combination and see signs of life. And on top of it our friend twizzledpinkdanielle wasn't there, nor were any other cute waitresses/hostesses.

Oh well that's about it. I'll post about my breakfast adventures here more often now.
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